Yoga Fusion



in essence yoga fusion is a fitness regime to the traditional series of yoga poses offered in a basic yoga class. the fusion aspect includes strength training, resistance work, cardiovascular activity, elements of martial arts, dance, Pilates moves and bar. props are used to intensify the workout. this class provides the flexibility challenges and breathing work of yoga - all the while offering overall toning, muscle-building and fat burning. See our news page for more information regarding this unique class offering. 


Restorative Yoga


Restorative yoga is the new power yoga. this new space in your restorative class allows your body to soften, surrender, open and rest. You feel nurtured and safe. you come back to feeling normal and not stressed. as you restore in this class, you prevent further illness and balance the effects of chronic stress. See our news page for more information regarding this new spin on an old form. 


Power Vinyasa Flow


Slower pace. Focuses on classic postures and correct alignment in the body. .


Yin Meets Restorative



This class is designed for anyone who wishes to decompress their mind and relax their bodies.  It begins with Yin poses, held for 3-4 minutes, allow for deep stretching of the muscles in the body.  After three of these poses, the class transitions into even more relaxing Restorative poses, held for 5-8 minutes each.  Props will be used to support the students and to encourage the body to become very comfortable in all of the poses.  As the class progresses, the students will be releasing tension and allowing for more serenity to enter into their lives.





Revitalize the body by increasing circulation to the organs and calm the nervous system through breathing exercises.