New Yoga Instructor

Annie Siegel is a native Clevelander who has been immersed in the local yoga community for the past 17 years. She has been a dedicated student of yoga since the late 1990's and a certified yoga teacher since 2005. Most recently, Annie helped to develop curriculum and lead 200 hour yoga teacher trainings locally. 

Like many, Annie's yoga practice began as just another way to exercise. Always athletic and active, Annie was constantly on the lookout for the next great workout. What she found in yoga was so much more than a physical challenge. Annie had always been attuned to the mind/body connection and once she delved into her own yoga practice, she immediately knew it was something she wanted to share with others. Now, almost 20 years later, while she still enjoys a good physical challenge, what has become more important to her practice is the insight and truths that reveal themselves when she comes to her mat. Her practice has become more about letting go of the daily distractions and tuning in with what really matters.

Annie hopes to inspire others to integrate yoga, meditation and relaxation into their daily lives. Her teaching style is slow in pace with thoughtful sequencing. Over the years, Annie's yoga students have come to her classes for precise alignment cues, moderate pacing, inspiring music and nurturing hands-on adjustments. Annie's class is taught with the intention to help people quiet their mind and body so that they can listen to their heart. Each class is different, each is a new experience, and each is a journey. 

Annie continues to be inspired by her local yoga teachers and aspires to dig deeper into her personal yoga practice and teaching. She continues to seek out more opportunities to enrich her practice with meditation and yin yoga practices. Her teaching is most inspired by the sensible approach of Jason Crandell's vinyasa yoga, the breath work and life lessons of Max Strom and the foundation laid by Cyndi Lee's Om Yoga training program.

 In addition to yoga, Annie also offers Thai Yoga Massage. Thai massage is a soothing blend of gentle stretching, rhythmic rocking, and acupressure. The meditative qualities induced by the gentle rocking and massage encourage deep relaxation which allows the practitioner to move the client into deeper postures and stretches. Annie enjoys this meditative, relaxing and nurturing form of energy work and hopes to introduce the many benefits of this practice to those around her.

Three strikes and you’re in.....

Here comes spring as we roll into the third month! This month get 3 free classes with your purchase of a 10 class pack (adult and student)! Also, get 3 free BellyDance classes with your purchase of a 4 class BellyDance pass (adult and student)!

New Yoga Instructor

Abby has been practicing yoga for five years now and just finished her 200 hour yoga certification in Michigan this past April. Abby's power vinyasa yoga classes are energetic, unique, and empowering, focusing on proper alignment and breathing. Drop into Abby's class for a restorative, yet challenging class through creative flows and a gentle meditation at the end.

Calling all First Responders!

It's important that we acknowledge the outstanding contributions that our First Responders do on a daily basis. We want to do our part in thanking them for their service.

As a country we celebrate you in September. Blue Buddha wants to continue that gesture by giving back to you this entire year. To honor your commitment, we are offering FREE classes to ALL the police & firefighters of Chagrin Valley. We respect you. We appreciate you. We need you. Thank you for your service to our community at large. 

Coming Soon ... Cloud Nine

Introducing a new format for a new year. Come in and customize your workout. Fit for all levels, this unique session will keep you energized, engaged and focused on a dynamic workout. Help us kick off what is sure to be a rejuvenating new start to a new you. 



Exciting new Class! Come try Nia© , starts Dec 3rd @11:30

Nia© is a unique mind-body-spirit fitness technique that blends the philosophies, concepts and movements of dance (Jazz, Modern and Free Dance), martial arts (Tai Chi , Tae Kwon Do and Aikido) and healing arts (Yoga, Feldenkrais and Alexander Techniques) into a fusion class that develops body awareness, flexibility, mobility, stability, agility and strength.  Nia© moves the body the way it is designed to move and encourages safe exploration of how the body moves. Dress comfortably, leave shoes at the door and enjoy moving to soul stirring music from around the world.


Beautycounter Holiday Display

Come by the studio and see the beautiful,non toxic gifts that Beautycounter has to offer for the holidays. Give the gift of safer cosmetics and skin care that everybody will love. Your skin is your largest organ treat it with love and safer products.

Reiki Circle

Crystal Child Reiki Circle with Katie Cunningham and Julie Brown. All are welcome! @ Blue Buddha Studios in Chagrin Falls Friday, June 24th at 6:30 PM

Chair yoga

Our Chair Yoga is a unique and gentle yoga class that is ideal for beginners, those returning to yoga after an extended absence, healthy seniors and anyone who can benefit from the support of a chair to learn and practice yoga poses. It is suitable for all ages and fitness conditions, and it is a great introduction to yoga for anyone who is not sure whether yoga is right for them.

Chair Yoga includes traditional yoga poses adapted by using a chair to support and stabilize the body. No yoga mat is necessary. Our class includes poses that are done seated on the chair or standing while utilizing the chair for support. Poses include gentle stretches, bends and twists as well as supported balance poses, all designed to increase flexibility, strength and balance, and bring increased blood flow and oxygen to all parts of the body.

Our Chair Yoga class also includes the essential yoga practices of centering and breath work,and ends with guided meditation and deep relaxation to balance body, mind and spirit.

Please join us! Namaste.